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I'm Emma, I'm 21.

I live on an island.

Sunshine. Champagne. Art. Words. Shoes. Music. Meerkats. Baking. Happiness. Wine. Unicorns. Platform Heels. Grass. Swimming. Architecture. Cult Movies. Shopping. Vintage Cars. Dictionaries. Antiques. Dogs. Stationery. Grammar. Diamonds. Sea spray. Glitter. Rollercoasters. Neon. Waterfights. Fun. Picnics. Friends. Swearing. Fuck (noun, verb). Cityscapes. Love. Fashion. Wanderlust.

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaysus I need to go to Amsterdam.
Wednesday, 18 - 01 - 2012

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaysus I need to go to Amsterdam.

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    So looks like I’m off back to the Great Dam in March! So excited. Such a magical place.
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