Matches & Paper Napkins

I'm Emma, I'm 21.

I live on an island.

Sunshine. Champagne. Art. Words. Shoes. Music. Meerkats. Baking. Happiness. Wine. Unicorns. Platform Heels. Grass. Swimming. Architecture. Cult Movies. Shopping. Vintage Cars. Dictionaries. Antiques. Dogs. Stationery. Grammar. Diamonds. Sea spray. Glitter. Rollercoasters. Neon. Waterfights. Fun. Picnics. Friends. Swearing. Fuck (noun, verb). Cityscapes. Love. Fashion. Wanderlust.

Jon Hamm in September’s GQ, British Edition
"But when you leave, please stay gone."

Ten words story: You can’t keep coming back like nothing ever happened. It’s not fair. (via maisjetaime)

Literally cannot get over this song. New-age love song.

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This Hubble telescope image containing 10K galaxies may be the best photo of the Universe ever 
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